Anti Mold Stickers

Anti Mold Stickers

Blue Silica Gel

I Dry Anti Mold Stickers are an environmentally friendly and effective method for the reduction of mold and mildew on a wide variety of products such as Leather wear, Garments, Woodenware, Electronics, Machinery & Hardware, Optical devices, Military instruments, Art & Antique products.

These stickers are manufactured in a state of art technology and are more effective than disinfectant sprays, wasabi based products, ultra violet lights and other methods of mildew control.

These Anti-Mold stickers are made of harmless and non-toxic ingredients and is in accordance with the REACH compliance.

The size of Anti-Mold stickers is 5 cm x 2.5 cm.

Packing : 2000 pcs per roll packed in sealed aluminium foil packet.
Gross weight of each roll is around 1.3 kg.

Usage : Appx. Surface area covered in one cubic foot – minimum 2 pcs to maximum 8 pcs depending upon the product .It is better to use 2000 pcs within 4 hrs after opening of sealed aluminium foil or else keep un-used stickers in airtight jars.