Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorber that we manufacture, export and supply is considered as an active packaging solution, which is specially designed to absorb all oxygen contained within the packaging of food products. Our Oxygen Absorber helps in keeping the food and also retains its original taste and color. With the help of our Oxygen Absorber, one can lower the oxygen levels to less than 0.01%.

Characteristic :

OXYGEN  is the main cause of deterioration in food and pharmaceutical products. Even smallest quantities of oxygen in the packaging will influence product quality and the speed of deterioration. Gas flushing can never remove 100% of oxygen.

Oxygen Absorber  is an active packaging solution designed to absorb all oxygen contained within the packaging of food products. It is a kind of antistaling agent without addictive, safe to use, non-toxic, whose chemical reagent is Fe2O3, with slightly exothermic reaction. Shaped like black or grey tiny practical.

With relatively strong capacity of oxygen and carbon dioxide absorption, it will satisfy the requirement of keeping freshness on a wide variety of food products. By effectively removing oxygen and carbon dioxide and create a O2 & CO2-free environment in a sealed package, it will keep the freshness, original taste and color of foodstuff, and prevent it from staling, oxidative rancidity, growth of mold, aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. It will also effectively prevent the development of corrosion, rustiness, and the growth of mold on sealed clothing, instrument, etc.

What does an OXYGEN ABSORBER do?

The oxygen absorber is selected according to the product water amount or surrounding humidity.  Oxygen absorber protects packaged foods and other products against spoilage, mold growth, color change, loss of nutritive values, insect damage and loss of quality. By removing residual oxygen inside packaging to below 0.01% Oxygen absorber effectively preserves packaged foods without use of food additives and preservatives. Oxygen absorber not only extends shelf life but keeps product quality as it was.

Also, aerobic bacteria and mold growth is suppressed, along with fat acidification. Our product effectively removes oxygen from the products packaging, thus maintaining the products freshness. Oxygen causes a number of deleterious consequences when products are stored for a long periods. In particular, Oxygen causes generation of bacteria to grow, it deteriorates the taste and flavor, it effects the nutritional value of food to the point of the products quality is degraded and no longer contains the specified vitamins and nutritional values. Oxygen absorbers were developed to keep products fresh for long periods by preventing air-friendly germs.

Oxygen Absorber Advantages :

  • Lowers oxygen levels to less than 0.01%
  • Available in individual packets or roll form
  • Maintains product freshness and quality of food
  • Extends product shelf life
  • FDA GRAS Rated: safe for use with food and food related products
  • Prevents mold, mildew and bacteria from forming
  • Environmentally safe & easy to use

Application :

  • Freshness preservation of perishable food.
  • Prevent dried meat and fish product from the development of mold, oil oxidation, rancidity, and staling.
  • Protect dehydrated fruits and vegetables against moth, growth of mold, color degradation, and oxidative rancidity.
  • Maintain the quality and flavor of pharmaceutical products and suppress the growth of moth, mould and microorganisms.
  • Preserve the quality of tea, tobacco, grain, leather, etc.
  • Achieve rust-proof of metal, long-term preservation of antique, and other valuable instrument.
  • Art works

The main ingredients :

  •  Reduced iron powder, Nacl, Activation, Physical carbon particles

Warning :

  • This product is suitable for low moisture (water content less than 20%). To increase the using effect, exclude air as more as possible when using, in order to reduce the material loss.
  • This product must be finished in 30 minutes, the unfinished products must be sealed once open,
  • Ensure that there are no folds as it affects the deoxidization effect.

Difference :

Compared to other packaging methods oxygen absorber shows better performance as shown in the chart below. Oxygen absorber can replace or combine with these conventional Gas Flushing or Vacuum and back flushing methods to ensure product quality and extend shelf life.


Packaging Method Results Benefit
Gas Flushing Approximately 0.5% to 5% Provides Some Control of
- Residual Oxygen Aerobic Microbial Growth
Vacuum and Achieves as little as 0.1% Controls Microbial Growth
Back Flush Residual Oxygen Temporarily*
Oxygen absorber Reduces and maintains Oxygen Eliminates Aerobic Microbial
  content in packaging to below Growth and Oxidative Chemical
  0.0001 Reactions in Packaging